Reviews for "The Sequence"

Fun, interesting and fairly unique gameplay. My only complaint would be that some puzzles require the tiles to be put down in a very specific order, so the correct solution won't be accepted.

A fun little game well made.

I loved this game, but it's really only because I got so many medals. Usually, a lot of games are really hard. This took a lot of time to really get like that. I still don't think it was too easy. I managed to get caught on Level 24. The difficulty was so changing with this one.

The music was great too. It really is something unique. I've done patterns like this myself. My favorite is the one where the lines meet in the center. Did you steal my ideas?

Good game. Couldn't complete because lvl 37 would not accept the solution even when tiles were placed in the exact order as shown in walkthrough. :(

I finished every level in about 5 seconds (except for 31 -for some reason I just couldn't get it-) until about level 35. Then you really have to think as there are multiple branches.

The only problem I found was the secret level wouldn't accept my correct answer. I finished it 3 times and nothing. Finally, I watched the video and it SEEMS you must places the tiles in a certain 'sequence'... 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,9,12,8,7,10... Very odd, but finally the game registered the answer. Other than that weird glitch the game was great.