Reviews for "The Sequence"

This is a great game where you have to put the tiles in the correct order.
There's a little flaw, however, that someone pointed out and I (think I have) experienced too.
In some levels, some tiles have to be placed in specific places or the order won't be accepted even if it's correct.
Apart from that, it's a great game with some calm music!

Hey reader, you don't have to use the walkthrough! I'm not saying it is too easy, but the game itself is so calm and smooth that you'll have plenty of time to discover the answer yourself ;)

Great game! I beat the whole game and the secret! (It's been 37 minutes since I got the first medal according to Newgrounds) The last level was a challenge! My only complaint is that some of the levels are a little repetitive, and it could use a more expansive soundtrack. (one for green, one for red, and one for the secret, maybe)

Clever game, awesome execution

Love this game man, its not easy but its not hard either try making something more challenging.

A really great game! Very creative concept!