Reviews for "The Sequence"

This was infact a cool, challenging game. Great work.

Very nice game, very challenging! I gotta admit... I needed the walkthrough for the last two stages, and to find the secret level.

At the main menu, rearrange the title's tiles in reverse order. Watch out, the 3 "e" can't be interchanged!! So switch tile 1 with 8, 2 with 7, 3 with 6 and 4 with 5!

a really nice game!
it was cool, challenging, and very fun to play!
i liked all of the logic riddles that it had, and i reached level 31, on my first try! :)

the design was simple and minimalistic, yet the game was perfectly designed, and with alot of details implemented in it....

good game, and a nice logic training exercise.

keep up the good job!

Simplistic art-style with simplistic gameplay, very calming to play. 4/5 ;D

How do you get to the secret level? and btw this is awesome