Reviews for "The Sequence"

So, as I understand it, this game contains puzzles akin to sequence puzzles in IQ tests, except with a much more user-friendly interface than any IQ test ever had, all while also providing a way to answer the questions that goes beyond choosing from a set of alternatives, avoiding the occasional situation where someone gets a question right by mere guessing. I seriously think on-line IQ tests would be much more reliable and pleasant if they made use of mini-games such as this one instead of old-fashioned multiple-choice forms for answer submission.

This game has a pretty basic presentation, with a pleasant loungy song and some simple graphics, but that's not bad. This kind of game has no need for eye candy, and thankfully, there isn't any.

The gameplay is based on discovering how to form a correct sequence using the tiles given in each level. In order to set up your answer, you simply drag the tiles to the spots in the sequence where you think they make sense. That's not only a lot less boring than filling an answer form, it's also a much more solid and honest way to evaluate this kind of thing.

For all this game's merits as an IQ test concept, it's also pretty nice as a game. The beginning levels are pretty bland and boring, but as you advance, things get trickier and more challenging, and sometimes you really have to think hard to get a sequence right.

One problem I found is that certain sequences, especially when you're in the advanced levels, make little to no sense, and it doesn't help that you can just try at random until you get them right. The first few levels of the game are way too easy to cheese through by trying random things, and that's a huge problem when it comes to puzzle games. Then, when the game finally becomes too hard to brute-force through, the puzzles seem to stop making sense completely and become an unsolvable mess. Of course, it might be that all sequences make sense, and I'm just too dumb to guess all of them, but I still feel like some of those probably only make sense to the authors themselves.

So, overall, this is a nice game, and a great idea for IQ tests. Obviously, if we were to use such a concept in an actual IQ test, we'd have to change some things to make it less of a game and more of an IQ test form, but the overall idea is right there: drop the multiple choice forms and add a mechanic that allows the player to formulate an answer by themselves instead.

Beautiful Game

Good game, but I hated having some levels being picky about your placement.

Game: See these two pieces that are the exact same?
Me: Yes.
Game: You have to swap them around.
Me: But they're the exact same!

A good selection of brain teasers and a clever secret.

Awesome game! =)