Reviews for "Pokémon:The final episode"

Nice job. The animation was smooth, and the vocal work was spot on.

I like to think that Ash suffers from some childhood trauma and uses Pokemon and his adventure to black out the trauma.
Like the reason why he's not a Pokemon master yet is because he fears that it will end his adventure and thus his childhood trauma would come back to haunt him.
That or he went into a coma and all his adventures he had is a dream, like honestly, who would let a 10 year old go out into the world alone for years and not care that he's with a creepy old pervert?

Ash has as much chance of winning a League as he does actually growing up. Literally, this show has been on for a while and he started when he was ten. He should be growing some facial hair or at the very least gone through puberty!

The ''Pokemon dream'' has been shattered after the first season, really.
It's like Ash doesn't want to win *anything*... or that he's a dumbass and generally incompetent... But, naaaah, that just can't be. Right 'all the pokemons he abandoned at the height of their power' ? Oh...

So, yeah, Ash he really not observant. -_-

What i find most funny about this is:

1. who let 10yr old kids in a dance club?

2. who let them drink?