Reviews for "Pokémon:The final episode"

This is one of the best pokemon parodies I've ever seen! It's mostly because you make fun of the show's longevity. Nowadays, I don't even know when new episodes are on. I still know exactly what you're talking about. Serena is truly the closest Ash has ever come to having a girlfriend. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the show did end right now.

The animation is just flawless. I love the drawing at the end. The voices show the emotions perfectly. I watched this simply because the title and thumbnail showed me that it would be awesome. It was just the right length too. I really hope they do hook up.

Can't let Bonnie out of his sight for a second or shit like that happens. XD

he's still 10/11. Still plenty of time.

This is so five. It is very five. High five. Nearly perfect execution of a cute idea.

Nice job. The animation was smooth, and the vocal work was spot on.