Reviews for "Pokémon:The final episode"

I like to think that Ash suffers from some childhood trauma and uses Pokemon and his adventure to black out the trauma.
Like the reason why he's not a Pokemon master yet is because he fears that it will end his adventure and thus his childhood trauma would come back to haunt him.
That or he went into a coma and all his adventures he had is a dream, like honestly, who would let a 10 year old go out into the world alone for years and not care that he's with a creepy old pervert?

Do something like this with the genders reversed plz. Showcase peoples double standards.

Great work. The end pictures was a nice bonus.

haha! nice video! and also,the officer Jennys look really cute. but the things i would improve are:
1 not making her friend almost swear.
otherwise good animation!

awsome cant wait to see more