Reviews for "Level X [Techno Dream Trance]"

Oh please don't tell me you're continuing the "Levels" series. It was great, but it had it's run. It doesn't need anymore levels. Unless this is a brand new series, in which case, I'm up for it.

Anyways, I'm really loving the mix with techno and dream trance here! You've totally nailed it as always! Your choice of synths is great, the mixing and mastering's good, and just about everything else about this is pretty awesome. Great job, and Happy 2016!

- Evilgrapez

DJStriden responds:

X-Series, new genre, sound etc. I know when to stop beating the horse :) Glad you like it! More where this came from.

Happy 2016, and
Keep Spreading the Music!

So this is what I have been waiting 3 weeks for.... AWESOME! I really love the new feel this has. Super impressed by 2:27! You didn't hold it out too long, but the feel didn't die too fast either. Great! 10/10, 5/5

P.S. I did the math and you have to make only one more song and you have enough to make an "energy" album on iTunes!!!! :D

I...I...am in awe I was astounded if this is what trance songs sound like I really need to listen to more because this song is a real piece of perfection

P.S. I know I'm kind of a suck up but this song is really good ;)

Making Newgrounds great again, I see. Well, you definitely did it right! A total throwback to NG 2008!
This is awesome dood, keep it up! :D

DJStriden responds:

Ah the golden days of dream trance :) 2007 -2008.

Keep following your dream, Striden! I love dream trance too, so there is a chance dream trance WILL BE REVIVED!