Reviews for "TLoZ - The secret weapon"

lol i used to hate those damn chickens :P

I guess you can say Ganondorf got *puts on shades* cock blocked. Yeeeeeaaaah!

Lol was a pretty funny punchline though the animation was a bit... idk how to describe it... a little choppy? Anyhow it looked sorta strange especially at the stairs part. That said though was funny and though the art could be improved a little (for example some of the faces link made looked... sorta off on him) but served its purpose and overall was a funny short video.

Love the Link to the past thing at the end.

Good animation, could use a little better frame by frame work.. you can see a lot of irregularities when link is running up the stairs sideways. There shouldn't be a reason to include a watermark in newgrounds either.

Unexpected and hillarious. Yes.