Reviews for "TLoZ - The secret weapon"

All of those chickens attacking? Mood. XD

Haha I liked it!

the animation was a little choppy, but overall it was pretty funny!

aweshome video

Don't worry u did a great jo, you drew a great animation with a shit ton of detail. Would love to have used a chicken at endgame would be the dopest achievement ever. Koshiro Yagami is a loser who can barely animate so he takes it out on talented individuals such as yourself. When will your tiny penis ever grow Koshiro Yagami? When will you and your douchebag freinds realize that newgrounds is made for real critics not for 9 year old children who say "hey I've watched dozens of parodies like this so fuck u" where is your critique? Instead of hating on artist why don't you get some talent and so something you loser scum.