Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

Another excellent game. But honestly, should we really expect anything less at this point?

So, let's see... We got alternate costumes for different effects, and the sub weapon can be changed also.

Cheats are available, but you gotta earn them! Always like stuff like that. Also have handicaps, which make the game harder but boost your score. Very interesting addition.

The gameplay itself is super smooth, and there's a good variety of enemies, from those you can't shoot to those who you have to shoot first before shooing the others, and even some that kill nearby enemies when destroyed.

Boss fights are challenging, and some of those bonus levels are... let's say different.

Music... can we just have a moment for the music dude here? It's just awesome, and really fits the themes of the levels.

Achievement are varied and give bonus money when completed. Some are ones you'll simply get by playing eventually, others are extra hard challenges that require lots of skill.

Overall, another awesome game.

so hard to play it

This game was a great successor for bullet heaven 1, Its so good that I just have to make a video about it!

Well, just playing normal is hard...but considering there's a tag called 'touhou', well this stays true to the previous game & bullet hell itself! But I'm still wondering, are you ever going to make Epic Battle Fantasy 5??? I just need to know if this series of games will end or not.

you've done it again

flippin ammazing