Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

this game is kindof amazing...well done


Lol Touhou xD anyone?

Nice, and damn reminds me of Touhou, great.
well i can't say anything, but for me(a touhou player) the heavenly difficulty still very easy especially we can use mouse, but I never say this difficulty is bad, in fact I think it's very good because not every player is a touhou player, so it still has the challenge yet not to the point of frustrating :D|
But yeah touhou player like me want more challenge, I mean like I;m not reall yhappy being able to clear the first boss stage with heavenly diffficulty and get the razorleaf medal without even using bomb and especially in my first attempt, in short I was expecting heavenly difficulty is really HEAVENLY!!
To the point where I need to retry many times until I can see the pattern of the danmaku and clear it and I will scream OH YEAH finally I fuckin win from this amazing stage. But don't worry it just my opinion, don't mind it, this already good, I just got that touhou soul possesing me ;)

So this difficulty is the best in my opinion.

The music is good, the first beginning of stage has a warm atmosphere and well you use the sacred chord progression that involves la fa sol do is always nice :)

but in fact I can't continue to play after stage 3 cause this reminds me of touhou a lot and I need to avoid becoming a touhou maniac again.

Finally I want to say that this game is really amazing, has so many contents and features too and I spotted some mechanics that also same like touhou, like if you clear all enemy in screen, then you get all coin automatically, also if you use ultimate attack it will cancel damage, moreover the grazing system, and holding shift for the slower movement, an d the boss system, very2 nice and really reminds me of touhou. ARE YOU a TOUHOU FAN?? xDD

KEEP IT UP !!! 5 stars I enjoyed it thanks alot

Great game. I'll try to beat all the levels on heavenly with all handicaps.

My god, heavenly mode is ridiculous