Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

second level already too hard

Would rate this a solid 4, maybe a 4.5 - haven't gone through all areas yet but it's been plenty of fun. An improvement on the last Bullet Heaven in all aspects; loads smoother, better character/boss/enemy designs... Granted, the character interactions aren't that stellar but I have some nostalgia for them nonetheless, and the gameplay is much more important in most bullet hells imho.

Pulled the score down somewhat because at least two of the achievements seem to be bugged. Namely, I've defeated two of the bosses (1st stage and ice cave boss) without getting hit once, and several of the main levels I've gone through without uing any bomb or getting hit, yet I haven't gotten the "Imperishable" and "Untouched" medals. Not really an achievement hunter as such but it's still annoying.

Obviously inspired by touhou. Even the art style

Lags so bad for me it's virtually unplayable

the game is beautiful but what if 40% of the content is blocked ?? why? The first part of the "Bullet Heaven" was not paid, and played quietly, and here? playing with the knowledge that everything and so it is impossible to discover, and I'll tell you that I would gladly play additional characters which play is simply not possible ...

if blocking me almost half of the contents (because you have to pay and it's still outside newgrounds) I give only 2 stars, I would give 5 but no... if you do not experience bath additional content even touch, knowing that she is

and one more thing: not dragging me to set up accounts on Steam or at Kongregate (Newgrounds enough for me completely) so you do not answer me, "unlock himself on .." because I'm not going to assume there accounts or never intended - from the beginning was Newgrounds and will remain so