Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

it seems like a good game since i played the first one,but i think it's glitched on me,i click on everything after hitting the loading screen play button and nothing works,like its frozen,and the stuff like expansion pack or steam,its strobing a white color lights,i dont know what to do now,maybe you should update it to see if any sort of glitches are repaired

My settings say hardware acceleration is enabled but before starting the game I get the error "GPU Error: Software Hw_disabled=unavailable (Baseline Constrained)" and I'm forced to start the game in software mode. What's going on? I'm using Chrome 46.0.2490.86.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Is your hardware ancient or nonstandard?
Might be worth trying a different browser, but I dunno if that will help.

Note: This is a review of ONLY the unpaid game, as played on Newgrounds.

1. Aesthetics

Compared to the first Bullet Heaven, this shows a very marked improvement in graphical quality: the designs are more detailed, and the bullets show a far greater variety; the backgrounds also have more detail, but are not too distracting. It was also nice to be able to change character costumes, even if the alterations were largely cosmetic.

Phyrnna's music is, as usual, of excellent quality; the music fits well into the stages, and adds a great deal to the thrill of playing.

Stars: 1/1

2. Content

Like the graphics, the number and variety of stages is also expanded, and hints for the next RPG are given, as in the previous Bullet Heaven; I do not, unlike some others, mind that some of the content is paid, since the original game is free, and a great deal of work was clearly put into it; all that was in the original game returns, unpaid and largely improved. The game is short and sweet, but has a fair deal of replay value, in that there is much unpaid content to be unlocked still after an initial run.

Stars: 1/1

3. Control

This is where I must remark some disappointment; I played this game with a keyboard, and, while the control was generally fluid and intuitive, there was frequently a problem with a character insisting on going in a certain direction regardless of my button inputs, and I cannot count the number of times this was detrimental, and that it cost me the run on the stage in question. It was, when I noticed it quickly enough, easily remedied, oddly enough, by quickly pushing the button of the direction in which the character wished to go. I do not know if anybody else has had this problem, but it was something of a sore spot, and made me reconsider getting the paid edition (for now).

Stars: 0.5/1

4. Structure & Organisation

Overall, the menus flowed logically, and were intuitive. The new save feature, which uses a plain text file, is much appreciated, as my browser's privacy settings would frequently dump any saved progress from the original Bullet Heaven. That difficulty is also customisable was appreciated, as are the "cheats", which allow a more user-specific experience; I, personally, enjoy playing with power-ups, but it is nice that people who do not wish to have them do not have to.

Difficulty progressed reasonably, and, other than the already-mentioned issue with the control, I never really felt cheated.

5. Overall impression

I enjoyed playing the game very much, though I have to deduct points here for the somewhat-glitched control.

Stars: 0.75/1

Total Stars: 4.25/5

Love this series!

I like a lot, actually, this is my 1st review on Newgrounds, and so the 1st game i play, congratulations.