Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

I love these kind of games. At first I though it was just going to be a regular shooting game, but I was wrong. This game is amazing :D. It got a variety of greatly drawn enemies and so many patterns, formidable bosses, costumes that gives different effects, cheats that makes the game easier but at the cost of scores, handicaps that makes the game harder but gave more scores, and medals that gave money when achieved.

This game is like a valuable gem that's been buried for 15-20 years. It's amazing :D
Keep up the good work... wait... no.
Keep up the amazing work :D

Take your reaview sir of good fate:

This game is fucking awesome

Awesome. Hope one day to see Epic Battle Fantasy 5 too. Your work is magnificent and you keep improving.

Woo! Bullet Heaven 2! Man, i can't tell how much i love this game and how much i love the EBF series, tysm mattlikesswords :)

Great game let's hope that the EBF series never ends :D