Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

Thank you.

From the day I first found out about Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 2, I instantly fell in love with the humor and the gameplay that you made back in what... 2009? And since then, your art style has changed and (In my opinion) improved greatly! Seriously proud of the improvement since then Matt. And thanks for giving me a game to play back in my childhood. Keep improving, and aim high. But not too high...

Sincerely, someone who has been playing your games since the very beginning

matt-likes-swords responds:


This game is flippin' epic. But i do not understand the butthurt. You cannot pay these few dollars for a indie game? Game development isn't easy. Believe me or not, but i tried. It takes time and money. If this guy wouldn't pay and didn't put effords in this and other games - you couldn't play this masterpiece. Please guys. It's not so much money to pay like the blockbuster AAA games.

0/10 #RespectNoLegs he has an opinion to.

The serious review
Amazing game, you never fail to impress