Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

Lags so bad for me it's virtually unplayable

It is a bummer I stopped playing, My only favorite line is "Shut up Nolegs your a cat your opinion is irrelevant!" Of course if this had a reason for me to keep playing besides, Chase and murder cats.. Of course there might be more since there is cute character design, and humor so..Pretty good game.

Please keep making more of these

the art is good, gameplay too, the music.... is ok. but for some reason i feel like this game is a beta and not the actual game, those bars on the side of the character makes me feel that too, also i recomend adding a number of how many life bars does the bosses have, nice job but and im sorry for saying this, the first bullet heaven is superior to this one in almost everything

matt-likes-swords responds:

The first game is better because you don't like the life/energy bars in this one?

Dunno why, but when i finish the first level in Divine mode, the game freeze. Bug?