Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

Nice gameplay,great cartoon graphics,fun characters and addictive as FUCK! This game has a lot to offer.

ah yiss, the touhou-style bullet hell game returns with a brand-spankin sequel.

honestly, this deserves all my stars. have the stars.
i love a good old challenge, just like touhou (wow, i had to take a break from it. 10 years. whoosh.) honestly, i feel that so much love goes into this game just to make it amazing. the little enemies are cute, the main characters are developed well, and nolegs shoots stars. i don't know what else is cuter, nolegs shooting stars, or the enemies.
but with every floobtastic game comes a problem or two.
thankfully, only one problem for this game.
it lags a little bit when i'm moving around a little faster. oops.

otherwise, fantastic game. i am absolutely hooked.

(i still need a break from touhou.)


I love every singe thing about this game! tysm!!

Shut up NoLegs! You're just a cat, your opinion is irrelevant!