Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

This review was created while the game was under judgment.

To say the least, the games graphic quality is so good its unbelievable. I've play all the EPF games but nothing can beat the art quality of this. The original gameplay style from the original Bullet Heaven is back but with even more details added into it, which puts a smile on my face. Unfortunately I crashed the game when I used Matt's special attack, so there are still some bugs left in. The music seems rather fine, and I could listen to it while on the treadmill or while I'm reading, so theres that. Options in game are real damn good, it could make it so that even a Windows XP computer could play it with realative ease.

Overall, this game is nearly perfect, but it just needs some bugs hammered out.


Definitely an improvement of Bullet Heaven, while preserving all the good stuff I like about games by Matt and Phyrnna.


I've always been a huge fan of Danmaku games, so this is a breath of fresh air for me. I've been a fan of Matt's work since EBF2, and I was ecstatic the first time I played Bullet Heaven 1. It helped me get back into a genre I have forgotten about. So when I saw the Dev notes on Bullet Heaven 2, I jumped on it immediately. Does the game deliver though?

Yes. Yes it does.

From the simple gameplay to the immense (yet fair) difficulty, the game shows Matt Rozsak's skills in both level design and game design. However, I feel that there is a lot that could be improved. For starters the in-depth upgrading system of the first game is gone, and I feel that's a blessing and a curse. While this does make the game harder, it also makes it so you have to have skill as the player, so the positives balance out the negatives. The other big thing I miss is the Endless mode from the first game. I sank a lot of time into that mode in the original, so I was sad to see it gone. Or, who knows, it may not be gone and I may just have to beat the game, buy the full version, or am just blind and can't see it right in front of my face.

Overall, this is an amazing Flash game, and I will definitely be picking up the full game upon release. Masterfully one, Matt. Keep up the great work.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yeah, there's endless levels in the expansion pack. Thanks for the review!