Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

Wow dud,you really improve,since i played EBF1 I've noticed a big growth in your games and creations,continue with the great work matt,i really like all your stuff,and tells you a fan of Latin America,still doing a great job :D

The game is really nice, but medals are not working right for me. They pop up though I can't see them after refreshing the page.

Okay,i played on another site,i just want to say this...I just beat akron with 137,190 pts...is that a good score?Or nooby....BTW GREAT GAME YOU DESERVE TO HAVE FANS.(and 5...)

IDFC about the lag or problems,i love it!

This game was a great successor for bullet heaven 1, Its so good that I just have to make a video about it!

From the day I first found out about Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 2, I instantly fell in love with the humor and the gameplay that you made back in what... 2009? And since then, your art style has changed and (In my opinion) improved greatly! Seriously proud of the improvement since then Matt. And thanks for giving me a game to play back in my childhood. Keep improving, and aim high. But not too high...

Sincerely, someone who has been playing your games since the very beginning

matt-likes-swords responds: