Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna, and obviously No-Legs most importantly, have been apart of this awesome sequel of EBF. Every singe one of the sequels seems to get more & more challenging, but that's the way this game gets better graphics, a more unique story, and a awesome background scenario on these 5 really cool characters. Nice Job to Kupo & the other Developers, I really recommend this to the people who desire it. ____________________________4.5/5

This game is hard... but that's why i love it. This is a huge step up from the first one. I like the gameplay for being ball busting hard. The difficulty setting feature is a nice addition provided more challenge. The music is outstanding. Everything in this game is fantastic and reminds me of ikaruga. This is an amazing game coming from a amazing person. Good job as always and i hope to see more in the near future.

OG what an amazing game you've got here! It's addictive and entertaining! Good job. Seriously, AMAZING job!

So addictive!!

I can tell that a lot of thought, patience, and hard work went into this gem. Good job creators <3