Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

This was the game that got me back into Newgrounds after I put the site off for maybe five years. The page tells me I've already played 20 hours, but that only includes the times in which I played offline, which I often don't to conserve laptop battery. We can assume that a solid, full day went into this game already.

First and foremost, you obviously need to be into Bullet Hell games to enjoy this game. However, that doesn't mean you must be aware of that fact before you try it out. I literally discovered this game by saying to myself, "Oh my god, I'm so bored. Let's visit Newgrounds again after years and see what's on the front page." I've never played Bullet Hell games before, but this title right here makes me wonder why that is the case.

Gameplay-wise I was able to zone out through most of the first stages, despite my nonexistent previous skills. This game does a very good job at catering towards many types of players, because towards the later aspects of the game, the difficulty becomes downright balls if you just rush through.

The presentation is fantastic. Graphics are solid and appealing (so many cats :3), music is catchy, and – though I'm aware I can't speak for everyone here – the localization is actually done really well (I'm German). The jokes are on-point and you still fall in love for the characters. Now, I've obviously never played any other game from this universe before, and I still loved the personality for each and every character after only a few dialogues. (Though, I'll be bloody honest here, I thought Matt and Lance were girls at first...)

So, overall, really awesome game.

Now, you may wonder why the rating is still 4.5. Well, I wish I could pick 4.99, because as much as I love this game, there are two nagging points I have that really stop me from giving the full score.

1: Achievements
I really love achievements in video games, and this one is no exception. It's just that half of the achievements were "get a specific result for this specific level", which really isn't so much of an achievement and more of a nagging time waster, because you gotta try them over and over again for really no reward in the end. Stuff like "pass a level on hard without getting hit", those are challenges I like.

2: Secondary Weapon
Specifically, the controls. Why the hell it was designed this way I'll never understand. Many secondary weapons require you to hold down the respective button to work, which in case of the mouse is double clicking the left button. But if you select the settings so that your primary is fired automatically, holding down left click results in the main attack getting blocked.

The result? You can only choose between primary and secondary fire if you use automatic primary fire. Your only option to fire both is to press X, far away from my mouse and really awkwardly positioned.

I would've preferred it sooo much, if right mouse button was my secondary fire instead of the bomb, because I've never used bombs (why would I? They go directly against the final score). There should've at least been an option to change the settings.

But with all that said, I do hope a Bullet Heaven 3 gets made at some point!

I have waited for this game for years probably the longest development of any Kupo Games ever but does it payoff? Oh God YES.

Wow I mean Matt always works hard to outdo himself in every sequel but this is just amazing. Bullet Heaven was already a great game on its own but this adds a lot more depth and characters and new elements to a very underappreciated genre. Bullet Hells

No seriously we dont get a lot of Bullet Hells over here let alone on this website and all done by I think 2 people (Its just Matt and Phyrnna right?) That is incredilbe.

That being said I hope this will inspire more people to play other bullet hells like Tohou, DeathSmiles, and Ikaruga because these games are oh so fun and not as hard to play as one would expect

That being said I'll totally purchase the full version as you have proved you earned my hard earned cash. So till then I await Epic Battle Fantasy V!

matt-likes-swords responds:


Note: This is a review of ONLY the unpaid game, as played on Newgrounds.

1. Aesthetics

Compared to the first Bullet Heaven, this shows a very marked improvement in graphical quality: the designs are more detailed, and the bullets show a far greater variety; the backgrounds also have more detail, but are not too distracting. It was also nice to be able to change character costumes, even if the alterations were largely cosmetic.

Phyrnna's music is, as usual, of excellent quality; the music fits well into the stages, and adds a great deal to the thrill of playing.

Stars: 1/1

2. Content

Like the graphics, the number and variety of stages is also expanded, and hints for the next RPG are given, as in the previous Bullet Heaven; I do not, unlike some others, mind that some of the content is paid, since the original game is free, and a great deal of work was clearly put into it; all that was in the original game returns, unpaid and largely improved. The game is short and sweet, but has a fair deal of replay value, in that there is much unpaid content to be unlocked still after an initial run.

Stars: 1/1

3. Control

This is where I must remark some disappointment; I played this game with a keyboard, and, while the control was generally fluid and intuitive, there was frequently a problem with a character insisting on going in a certain direction regardless of my button inputs, and I cannot count the number of times this was detrimental, and that it cost me the run on the stage in question. It was, when I noticed it quickly enough, easily remedied, oddly enough, by quickly pushing the button of the direction in which the character wished to go. I do not know if anybody else has had this problem, but it was something of a sore spot, and made me reconsider getting the paid edition (for now).

Stars: 0.5/1

4. Structure & Organisation

Overall, the menus flowed logically, and were intuitive. The new save feature, which uses a plain text file, is much appreciated, as my browser's privacy settings would frequently dump any saved progress from the original Bullet Heaven. That difficulty is also customisable was appreciated, as are the "cheats", which allow a more user-specific experience; I, personally, enjoy playing with power-ups, but it is nice that people who do not wish to have them do not have to.

Difficulty progressed reasonably, and, other than the already-mentioned issue with the control, I never really felt cheated.

5. Overall impression

I enjoyed playing the game very much, though I have to deduct points here for the somewhat-glitched control.

Stars: 0.75/1

Total Stars: 4.25/5

This game is flippin' epic. But i do not understand the butthurt. You cannot pay these few dollars for a indie game? Game development isn't easy. Believe me or not, but i tried. It takes time and money. If this guy wouldn't pay and didn't put effords in this and other games - you couldn't play this masterpiece. Please guys. It's not so much money to pay like the blockbuster AAA games.

the game is beautiful but what if 40% of the content is blocked ?? why? The first part of the "Bullet Heaven" was not paid, and played quietly, and here? playing with the knowledge that everything and so it is impossible to discover, and I'll tell you that I would gladly play additional characters which play is simply not possible ...

if blocking me almost half of the contents (because you have to pay and it's still outside newgrounds) I give only 2 stars, I would give 5 but no... if you do not experience bath additional content even touch, knowing that she is

and one more thing: not dragging me to set up accounts on Steam or at Kongregate (Newgrounds enough for me completely) so you do not answer me, "unlock himself on .." because I'm not going to assume there accounts or never intended - from the beginning was Newgrounds and will remain so