Reviews for "Bullet Heaven 2"

turtle boss is hard as hell

If you have good enough specs for your computer to run this smooth, you're set to have a good time with this game if you're into bullet hells/shmups. Good art, bullet patterns, cheat/handicap system, and character roster. I have a couple nitpicks with the game- the extra weapons and costumes are kind of flat out inferior to others, along with characters themselves, and such.

Additionally, paywalls are just annoying in general, though it's understandable. People have to make a living of some sort.

One of my Favorite SHMUP Ever.

The final pattern on the turtle boss is a bit too challenging for a world 2 boss.

EDIT: Whooop finally beat the final boss! Some patterns were okay, but some were so challenging. All in all, I enjoyed the game!

holy sh....