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Reviews for "Oozie plays with himself"

Hmm.. I'm stuck, I got the golden statue, gave it to the skeleton. Now I have 3 paths left: left of pyramid, the tunnel and the giant sleeping guy and I have no idea how to get those done.
And so I gave up... It would be nice if we could save our progress, it is a fairly long game (unless you know where to go I guess)
It is a bit confusing, arrows to see where to go would help. (eg: I didn't expect to go down to start the adventure, I went back and forth searching left and right...)

I remember your previous game with a similar concept, it's a great idea and I see that it's not that easy to implement. There's the problem of having too many copies which can cause lagging. So maybe it should be limited? or mentioning how many are necessary for each 'puzzle'?
Anyway I'm glad to see you haven't given up the idea, keep it up + GL! :)

It starts at what seems to be a point and click adventure game, then all of a sudden it's a weird puzzle platformer with a time machine of some kind, for which no explanation is given... This needs to be fixed, I bailed at the first puzzle...

I would of loved to give this game a better rating I really would but I can only give it a three, because I have no idea what to do after I talk to that random guy, I got the wallet looking thing but after that I have no idea what to do. I also gave this game three stars because I loved the art style, the music was really good too, like I loved it I really just wanted to sleep while playing it.

jacklehamster responds:

Just go all the way left, then there's an exit to come out.

Nice. But before you get the idea, it's boring.

On the first level there is a glitch. If you the current oozie falls the the screen gets stuck.