Reviews for "Oozie plays with himself"

It starts at what seems to be a point and click adventure game, then all of a sudden it's a weird puzzle platformer with a time machine of some kind, for which no explanation is given... This needs to be fixed, I bailed at the first puzzle...

I would of loved to give this game a better rating I really would but I can only give it a three, because I have no idea what to do after I talk to that random guy, I got the wallet looking thing but after that I have no idea what to do. I also gave this game three stars because I loved the art style, the music was really good too, like I loved it I really just wanted to sleep while playing it.

jacklehamster responds:

Just go all the way left, then there's an exit to come out.

Nice. But before you get the idea, it's boring.

On the first level there is a glitch. If you the current oozie falls the the screen gets stuck.