Reviews for "Fleeing the Complex"

it would be awsome if in the next game, what you did on this one will affect it or go through with a normal playthrough

PuffballsUnited responds:

We'll see

D-Did you just make fun of FNAF?

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*cough* N-no of course not.

Pretty good, was it the fifth entry? Yeah, I guess so. Maybe sixth. But in any case there are clear improvements which stand out very brightly.
Starting from 5/10,
+: A clear map which allows for navigation. (+3, saves lots of time)
+: I suppose the music is good. (+1.5)
+: Even more endings than before, and this time, no fake path. (+2)
-: For some reason in the last game all Mario items are useless and all Sonic items are useful. In this game they've swapped roles. (-0.5)
-: Because there already was 2 Nintendo games, Punch Out!! and Advance Wars, I was expecting the sword battle to be Shining Force, a Sega tactical, but it turned out to be yet another Nintendo tactical, Fire Emblem (-1)
-: I know this series is about chance but some decisions are ridiculous. (-1)
=: Five Nights at Freddy's isn't a tactical RPG-nor is Punch Out!!. (0 because I don't know if that was supposed to be that way)

Total score: 9/10. While not flawless, it's excellent. Great job on this one.

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Interesting grading system but I accept!

I just joined,but I am going to play this every day!

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It's so good!

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