Reviews for "Davey Bones' Spooky Jaunt"

The controls work well and the music is great.

Gypopothomas responds:

Thanks! That music IS bloody nice!

Great game with a good soundtrack. The controls are work great, love the idea of building up the combo for the score.

Brilliant game, love trying to find all the cools ways to stay in the air!

Love this game, mechanics and scoring system are great and faultless! Also the soundtrack is awesome!!!

Very nice Game. Nice ambient, music and the controls aren't messy. The System to get Points is awesome, a keeping challenge. (sry for my english)

the music. I tried to find it but i can't, i want that in-game soundtrack.. LOVE IT

Gypopothomas responds:

A keeping challenge. Yup. Totally get what you're saying, man. Thanks for the comments.
I'm nagging the guy who did the music to put it up on Bandcamp or something. It's some bloody good music! Check out his stuff here https://soundcloud.com/rcstudio