Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

Hell yeah this game is gold. Look at all these people presenting their 'political correct' opinion and trying to 'not be biased', 'equal rights and shit for minorities'. I mean make up your fucking mind bruh this is the internet and everyone gets shit. you want true equality and freedom of speech? then everyone gets roasted every now and then. One cannot simply defend and justify their own views by calling the author of the game is talking shit.

rants aside nice message behind things, haters gonna hate so Alon you better not give a single fuck. keep up the good work.

Besides, if you think this is 'Islam-phobic' simply for the 'glory' and 'jihad', then it means you are associating these acts with the religion, and guess what, it is you that defined Islam as 'jihad' and shit, now that's biased and edgy.

Jesus the jihad cracked me up ... its a interesting game good job i want to see more

i think there should be a shop system, you can get some more skills and armour. maybe the ability to have more stages of enforcement. you could also pick up or purchase a gun, you can fake death. also cars come out for you to use and the law to use. or make some cops think you are "innocent by tryong to run away when they say "are you hurt?"

loved this game man.

I love playing victim because hey I was good boy I dindu nuffin

So damn funny I really enjoyed it , Ironically I am a muslim and find the Jihad part hilarious ! XD