Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

Great game. +1 for the wicked 8-bit music!

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

It's the first time I try to make music, I'm surprised that anybody likes that :P

Note to self: Don't kill cops.

"Please don't kill me" and the goes and punches you, the camera has more range than shown on the white REC square, the police officers tells you to stop or they will shoot, you stop, they shoot anyway, and have 100% acurracy, the game is repetitive and has pretty much no content. 2 stars

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

The blue and green are both crazy.
It's quite funny - another reviewer apparently didn't experience those kind of things, and they complained about the exact opposite.

The gun 100% accuracy - also on purpose. Actually makes the game a lot simpler and easier to predict.

About the camera you're completely right, I will go and fix that.

And I'm sorry if you expected lots of content and upgrades... it's just a small game.

Really great game and concept .

but i have one tiny problem the camera square thing does not show where it is actually viewing like perhaps a body is slightly a way from the whte square and i am in it it says i am murderer shows me the footage even though that is not what it says but great game aside from that

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Thank you. In the updated version you can see where and why you have been blamed :)

The game serves more as a mouthpiece than a game, but it's not a bad for a short game.
It's made well, and it presents your views in a professional and interesting way.
All in all, it's okay, albeit could be more engaging. I certainly wouldn't mind more stuff coming from you, as you have talent.

Now if someone is curious, my 2 cents in regards to the politics, as this game is apparently about Palestinians vs Israelis, albeit mind you, that had no bearing on the rating whatsoever.

In 2015, when you first published this game, I would have been probably on Israel's side. Nowadays? Not so much. It all boils down to how people, who were oppressed themselves, became the oppressors. Now, it's not your fault, but it's certainly the fault of your government's policies.

Palestinians are treated like a literal cattle, and sorry, no matter how anyone will try to justify it, it's mindblowingly disturbing. Israel is being openly an apartheid country, and is very proud of it. Maybe the problem is that Israel's government is zionist - radical right-wing nationalist. And Israel has been zionist for a very very long time.

And again, it's not like Israel has no problem with being chauvinistic, racist, and hateful towards other countries as well, like ie. Poland, with the outrageous anti-Polish campaign to the point of slander, and it's only a recent -2018- example. Or like Israel doesn't have much heart for others, as they still didn't recognize Armenian Holocaust committed by Turks (also a recent example). And of course, it's a matter of time, before Israel starts a war with Iran.

I can also tell a personal anecdote how my aunt got spat on by jewish orthodox kids (one even threw a rock) in Jerusalem for being christian pilgrim. I seriously wonder what these kids are being taught by their parents, because it's disturbing to say the least. If this is how an outsider is treated, I can only wonder how the Palestinians are treated.

Remember, if you give hatred to others, it will return back to you thousandfold. Israel certainly has a lot of PR homework to do, because so far, it looks ugly to say the least.

And no, I don't condone terrorist actions, especially done by muslims.