Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

A game that -sadly- remains relevant...

Really smart game with a deep message. Well done.

Amazing social commentary.

This game, at first, seems like an excuse to go on a rampage throughout a small area and avoid being seen. Upon closer inspection, however, you will find a game that is actually a stab at the media and how it portrays people. Example:
After having killed a good 10 people, I am caught on camera being attacked by the cops. Whats the Verdict? Police brutality.
This is a thought provoking game that makes us wonder about the story behind the story. As well as being wonderfully silly in regards to the fact the green shirt and the blue shirts are the two major groups. I liked the game as its message was honest, and shocking at the same time. Dont play this game if you are easily offended is my only warning.

anti-greenitism! bluesupermacists on trial for hate speech! no tolerance for bluenaziswhowanttokillsixmilliongreens! oy vey!