Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

very deep game. good message

Wow... what a really cool little flash game, featuring the idea of victimization and political correctness. The game is relatively simple in design, the controls and tutorial are pretty straight forward(although a skip option would've been nice). But the thing that has the most impact is the message that it sends, especially if you actually manage to beat it. As always, I made a small let's play video of this game, right over here: https://youtu.be/Zc5r2rDqY98 . I got really hooked on until I managed to finish it, and it was really cool. This game could've been further developed but it's pretty solid as is and it will get a very high rating in my book.

A funny parody of the media and TV violence.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Borderline to apolitical game other than that fine .

Wonderful game. Those stupid raisinheads pretend to be victims when one of their fellow thugs gets shot after committing a bunch of crimes, so they can start riots and rob stores and get away with it. lol