Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

My family will be rich, because I'm a HERO !!! :D
Original, short and fun :)

It's easy to avoid the camera, however the character can be difficult to control. He's not lining up very well with the people you're trying to stab, especially the cops, and you get shot too quickly.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

From what you wrote you have the mechanics completely wrong (which is my fault) and you might also experience some rare performance bug (Firefox's fault :P )
But basically all those things you felt you shouldn't have done, you might have wanted to try. You're supposed to try and figure out what to do as the game goes by... it's one of those experimental games.

Good message:Manipulating the truth to look like you weren't stabbing people and were killed for holding a toy knife.I also like the realistic difficulty of getting killed.

Note to you guys: Kill the police.

Note to self: Don't kill cops.