Reviews for "Nekra psaria 4"

Wait, what?

Gotta love the atmosphere and the mysterious backround in this world, it is eerie and interesting at the same time.

P.S Are you Greek bro? Since Nekra Psaria means Dead Fish in Greek, it just came on mind

P.S2 lolz

This game was probably the most enjoyable so far, I think - it seemed to flow a bit more smoothly, and though the puzzles weren't straightforward they made sense with a bit of twisty logic. I liked seeing the expansion of the original setting a lot.

I can't wait to see where the story goes next!

Particularly towards the end, this got SPECTACULARLY weird. But beautiful, in its own way. Very atmospheric with the so-called "music" as well. Excellent game-playing experience, you are really transported to a new mad world.

Some of the puzzles were too obvious, maybe? "Best way to deal with cockroach problem"... hm, wonder what that's going to be for? But then, I got stumped on a few things - didn't realise it was possible to shut the freezer door, which was the most frustrating one.

Hell yeah! Took longer but was totally worth it! I especially like Johnny and C.B's relationship! They are the epitome of bromance lol