Reviews for "Nekra psaria 4"

Great work, I think this series gets more unusual and unique each part.

Good game... Only questions are how high was the creator when he made it and what drug and where can I get some

I don't like game like that, but... is very cool!

Just as awesome as the previous episodes! It was just as challenging and it took me a while to figure things out. The creepy atmosphere was great and the music suited it.

Looking forward to the next installment~

Game play is creative as in the previous episodes. In the first half of the game, I was stuck with finding a piece of paper for a computer. Thanks to the walk through, I didn't know I could click on "1" again to see a new scene where I collect the paper. In the second half of the game, I like that there are two different scenes for day and night. However, I got a bit lost and forgot where to find a certain character. With trials and errors, I eventually managed to defeat a cockroach and meet Johnny.

There's no much sound effect, but it's okay.

Graphics are unique and wild.