Reviews for "Nekra psaria 4"

I love that this game is longer than the others.

The Nekra Psaria and Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) series are by far my favourite browser games, particularly because they both remind me of a few different psychedelic experiences I've had. Nekra Psaria reminds me of the times I've felt trapped within my own mind (derealization), and Rusty Lake reminds me of the times I've felt trapped in someone else's (depersonalization).
I really hope there's a fifth installment coming some day.

Unique atmosphere and art. Still hoping for #5 !

There has never been an online game I lliked more than Nekra Psaria. I'm checking every day to see if part 5 came out and I have played all of them more than 5 times each. When I first saw the first game in the series, I thought it would be sad or scary. Instead, it's fun and quirky and the aesthetics remind me somehow of the punk subculture. Thanks for making such an amazing series. I'm looking forward to the next part.

Just amazing as always. You are a master.