Reviews for "Nekra psaria 4"

AMAZING! I love it, the art style and music are really awesome, cant wait for part 5!

This series is the best i can't wait for part 5 and this part was so long i love it, i hope part 5 is the dame length as this one

i feel like the endings for the other ones fit better somehow, but maybe i'm wrong, really liked it anyways

...wow! Great, f*cked up games!!! I just played the 4 first episodes in a row and they're awesome! Not that complicated, but so weird and bizare, you're drawn into it just to know what the F can happen! And it's its own world: there's a certain comfort in finding items you found in previous episodes, or concepts that continue from one episode to the other. This particular episode was a bit less obvious to me, though. I got stuck at the remote control part, where you have to use the "power" button after choosing a channel. It's the only time I really needed the walkthrough, since you can usually find hints and clues inside the game itself.

So, 5 stars all the way around, and can't wait for the next episode!!!

Fantastic! As always. I'm really looking foward the next one. You're getting better and better! :)