Reviews for "Nekra psaria 4"

oh god, the archetypal symbolism was astonishing in this series, esp in this installment! dear god this was a moveable feast! KUDOS. so much kudos.

treasure underwater, shadow integration, aiding aspects of yourself... god damn boy. you hit that mole good.
I only wish that 5 was ready now, and that I could give you fifty billion gold stars for mathematical excellence. ;) PLEASE PLEASE make the last one awesome, and take as much time as you need ot make it so.

Wow that was a good game that had me stuck a couple times.

Was this even made by humans? Great continuation of the surreal style.

What ? So now I was the much hated cockroach rummaging and frobbing in jonny-boy's world... and I ended in his trap with the bug eater... and the cockroach king there ?
Great work anyway, better and better... this one was even more psychological with those contradictory characters like the man in the box and the man looking for a bigger head instead of a smaller hat.
I have to say... that some hints told me I was doing the "opposite" in this chapter after giving food to the flies and carving a cave through the stone with the tv-head machine. ;)
Thanx and keep going high !

Great game. I was hoping to finish it without walkthrough but got stuck twice even though the puzzles weren't that hard lol anyway 5 stars!! awesome game :3