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Reviews for "Seppuku Jisei"

so funny how japs brainwashed each other into killing themselves for the purposes of control by making them think there was some honor in it

Filthy gaijins would never truly understan the meaning of comiting sudoku
in a serious matter the game is quite fun and challenging with a good replayability level

SebShady responds:

Thanks for playing :P

Interesting game, I liked the combat system was simple yet entertaining.
I also liked that each difficulty had different poems.It would be better if finishing the game on hard mode would get you different ending for example not doing seppuku.

SebShady responds:

Thanks for playing :)

You know, right now I'm working on a samurai story, and I'm doing lots of research.
So, when I saw this game and its little description, I felt compelled to play it. And I humbly think you got the "samurai's honour" gig pretty good.

Failing to serve his lord in any way - especially when it comes to protect his life - is the biggest shame for a samurai.
He's lost his honour, and honour is everything.
At that point he can only commit seppuku or run away and become a Ronin - an honorless samurai with no master.

So it makes a lot of sense that a true samurai would keep on fighting only because he's waiting for the right time to commit seppuku and cleanse his honour. And I like his will to leave something in this world in the form of an haiku.
There's something really fascinating about bushido.

Did you compose the poems, or did you find them somewhere?

Good work.

SebShady responds:

The poems are actually real death poems written by various samurai before they committed seppuku. I did consider having a go at writing some poems myself, but then I thought it would be more genuine to get the words of people who were actually in that position. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing, and good luck with your samurai story :)

Pretty good. The controls are handled very easily and the poem is pretty good. The enemies however, are not that quick at sword-fighting as the protagonist is, thus making me feel like I'm fighting just waves of fodder instead of skilled warriors. Still a good job though.

SebShady responds:

Thanks for playing :)