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Reviews for "Seppuku Jisei"

it kinda sucks! :)

Although the graphic is quite rough, the game and music is so nice.
One thing I am curious about; are you sure it should be rated as "Teen"?

SebShady responds:

Well, I had a good think about the rating. I figured since it is very cartoony gore, and there isn't any language or adult content, that it could be classified as Teen. I suppose it does have some pretty dark themes though. If people think it should have a higher rating, I'll be happy to change it. Thanks :)

Interesting game, I liked the combat system was simple yet entertaining.
I also liked that each difficulty had different poems.It would be better if finishing the game on hard mode would get you different ending for example not doing seppuku.

SebShady responds:

Thanks for playing :)

An dark yet interesting little game you've got over here. After getting used with the weird control response and the funny graphics I was able to play it on pretty good. The life is not regenerable so you really have to be patient and play your best otherwise you get punished. An interesting poem to finish it, and it is indeed kind of ironic that you try your best and hack through dozens of enemies, you just do it to commit suicide honorably. I did make a small let's play video of it, and I think I'll just let it talk for me: https://youtu.be/4slw7BDD5ok . I just feel like this game could've been more, so I hope for better things in the future...

SebShady responds:

Thanks man. Never thought someone would take the time to make a Let's Play of my game! Much appreciated, and thanks for the feedback :) I'll be sure to incorporate it into future work.

Clearly no understanding of the samurai code of honor - the guy is shown being able to destroy his adversaries, yet only for the purpose of fleeing in death. The game is much too easy, it just becomes too long to be enjoyable with the few mechanics it offers, the music doesn't go well with it, and the graphics aren't very good. But the controls are really responsive, the story is still good, though poorly exploited, that could have been a monstrous experimental game, yet it is just a stereotypical beat 'em all. There's no honour nor poetry shown in any way, because there is no character development. So, for the effort, I rate this game three stars. I think you could do something really awesome in the future.

SebShady responds:

This is gonna sound really pretentious but... my intention was for him to kill all the enemies just to kill himself, to represent the paradoxical nature of the Samurai honor code. Still, I think your criticisms are totally valid, and I will definitely take them into consideration in future. Thanks! :)