Reviews for "Future Knight Remake"

i was really into until I failed to get across the room with the two slopes for the 23rd time. at that point I gave up.

I managed to get the superbomb by somehow jumping at the end of the slide but for the life of me I cannot repeat it.

If you change the sliding mechanic to be easier (or if there's some trick to it, let the player know about the trick), then I'd love to see what this game has to offer.

I never played the original so I have no idea how good a remake it is, but I liked everything that I was able to see.

This game has all sorts of nostalgic fun displayed in games of yesteryear.
Well done!
I enjoyed everything from the graphics to the bleep blop music, as well as the challenging game mechanics that actually require skill to execute correctly.
Anyway, I'm having a blast playing this and earning the medals.
Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more games like this down the road!

jonhdimi responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! thanks :-)

OMG, great effort!! I really like it, even though I'm not skilled (or patient) enough to complete it! I really appreciate your work! The only small thing I could say is about the jumping mechanic, but I'm sure it's part of the challenge, so I'll shut up! XD
Keep it up!!!

Good retro-themed game, but too weird on gamepad controls. You really should have let people remap gamepad buttons. It would not have been hard to add a gamepad config screen and let players map the buttons as they wish.

Here is how it plays if you use a Playstation 3 controller. Left joystick moves, okay fair enough. D-pad left or D-pad right is jump as well as accepts menu selections = totally unacceptable! Square button is fire, okay, but not when jump is D-pad left or right, lol. I guess Playstation 3 controller users are supposed to be mutants with two left thumbs.

How it should have played on such controller. Left joystick *or* D-pad moves. Square button as fire, X button as jump *or* the reverse of that.

Recommended to play using a keyboard only unless your *exact* gamepad is the XBox 360 gamepad, in which I assume it is okay, though I don't have one of those to verify personally. There was precisely zero good reason for this arbitrary oversight as a simple config screen would have allowed *any* gamepad to work well provided the browser can interact with it.

I was going to write an angry review 5 minutes into this game, until I figured out, you use the up arrow to use exits. well "w", man I felt stupid, but knowing that, really fun game.