Reviews for "Future Knight Remake"

bringen back the 8bit games with some classic Jump&run and some avoiding/Shooting. It's a bit old if you would have to compare it with other Submissions on Newgrounds, but for Players that like old Video games you may can get them into another time with some other Feelings.

It's a good game with mechanics much like many platformer side scroller game. Although I think the most difficult part here is the momentum it takes to jum a certain distance and direction. Also it's a difficult game seeing that the space to dodge my enemies bullets and whatnot is rather small. But I feel it's part of it's originality and maybe changing it may not be for the better.

The art is pretty classic like a retro gameboy advance video game. Looks full of pixels and functions that way too.

It's a pretty long game with full of puzzles as well. Makes me wonder why isn't there a proper story. But nonetheless it's a pretty simplistic puzzle game thats pleasing to watch.