Reviews for "Future Knight Remake"

It's a alright game not much on the controls though. I wanted to point out one mistake in the game in the inventory the use key is listed as A key and back key is listed as X key which should actually be K key for use and J key for back.

This game has all sorts of nostalgic fun displayed in games of yesteryear.
Well done!
I enjoyed everything from the graphics to the bleep blop music, as well as the challenging game mechanics that actually require skill to execute correctly.
Anyway, I'm having a blast playing this and earning the medals.
Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more games like this down the road!

jonhdimi responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! thanks :-)

what ?? I do not even come to finish the 2nd level

I cant get by those damn slides!

jonhdimi responds:

If you mean on the first level, than I'm sorry you just have to git gud. :-P

Always great to see someone perserve the forgotten classics of yesteryear. May be a bit simple but thats old school love for you