Reviews for "#YoutubeRed"

I enjoyed the humor of this. The animation style was simple, yet worked well to get the point across. I especially liked that last line of "What do you mean it's porn"?

Congrats on the awards and look forward seeing more from you.


Congrats on your awards! I love this if only because of how crazy the guy goes in the middle. The animation moves very well. I have yet to hear much about this. I'm as just a big a nerd as anyone else here. It was nice how minimal this was.

I just loved this guy's voice. It completely suited the situation. Internet satire is always great. You certainly have something going for you. This is the right length, too.


Brilliant and now on my favorites list!

I love me some dark humor. As far as this went. It still hit the mark. REALLY awesome work you've got here. I'm very entertained by it.