Reviews for "#YoutubeRed"

Youtube guy kinda really reminds me of Ramsey Snow from Game of Thrones... I fucking hate Ramsey Snow,, but like who doesn't. Awesome animation tho, I really enjoyed it. It had a simple art style to compliment it's dark humor.

Billy somehow reminds me Egoraptor. Very clever idea, Youtube Red is dumb and useless

"Hello everyone! We here at Youtube are dedicated to your destruction."

I swear this is going on at Youtube and EA offices. No brains to maintain something or make things better whatsoever. Quite a simple animation and that's always a good thing. Trying to achieve something near impossible most of the time causes things to fall apart pretty much immediately (*cough cough* destiny *cough cough*).

Simple animation, not much to say. I recommend.

"I own you BILLY!" ... gets me every time!