Reviews for "The Darkness Within Me"


This was really good. But I have to admit that walking around was a little boring but the story was good. I think this may be the deepest story i have seen in any of your games so well done. ^.^

Nice Game tho.

This was a welcome change from most of the games I play by you. I really enjoyed how you took on the aspect of death and acceptance within the mind of a broken person. While others may have thought the conversations meant nothing, I really enjoyed each and every interaction. The graphics and soundtrack were aptly placed, and I can't really see a problem with it other than the fact that walking about forever was a little boring at some points. I also wish it was a little bit longer.

Even with that, I love this game. Good job :)

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! That means a lot :)

I really liked this game. I'd give it five stars, if it wasn't for the fact that I had no idea what to do at first. When I finally got it I found it amazing. Even though it's pretty abstract it's still relatable to me.