Reviews for "The Darkness Within Me"

I'd like to be more invested in the story, but the text takes way too long to appear, so I end up just hammering x and giving it at best a cursory reading.

"I'm Everthing and Nothing" Oh God Hes death!!!!! :OOO

It wasn't bad, but you needed to look for the cross dude. Plus, to get the golden astronaut, you need to right-click first to actually access it.

Wow, this game was deep and emotional. Your games never fails to touch me (not in that way), and I really enjoy reading the dialogues in the game.

All the metaphors are so well written, which adds an even stronger impact towards any player who is reading, and can really pull us in to the story. The only thing I'd wish for is that the game was longer, and the map wasn't too small. The artwork is simplistic, but fine.

Great game!

I really liked this game. I'd give it five stars, if it wasn't for the fact that I had no idea what to do at first. When I finally got it I found it amazing. Even though it's pretty abstract it's still relatable to me.