Reviews for "Incident:002A"

You must belong to creepy face or die! Good work, but why didn't we see what creepy face guy does after leaving the room?

Kelzad responds:

Because I didn't have an idea on what to do after that. I also worked hard as fuck on the last scene to get it out on time.

0\5 u suk!1!! jk jk
Now back to being serious, interesting idea of two "haunted" agents in search of the subject, but for the end i was expected something more, m8! But basically i get it, deadlines are a pain in the ass, they force you to finish the job in as soon as possible, no matter how much disappointing! The only thing I ask is to improve the action (too slow), and the reaction of the enemies (the agent near the door of the 1┬░room for example "Idk wot de fuk hapen, but dis live-sh0w its Kulo").
Nice job btw

good work mate another animation from the creepy face guy i really like that character. i dunno much more to say except this animation or part from the animation kinda remind me from a screeshot that showed krinkels years ago from an animation that aparently he didnt finished, did u get some references from dat?

some things that should be noted are the reactions of the enemy, the movement of the characters is a bit slow and and the use of sound effects ... but still a very good animation

The music don't fit well though, but great animation work there!