Reviews for "Incident:002A"


Nice job buddy! :D

Kelzad is the god of smoothness. Happy Halloween.

It was very well animated, some references (MC5.5 as example), but there were nothing new/different from the usual, just dialogues, and nothing scary to celebrate halloween.
What I liked least in the movie was how the "protagonists" were weak, I mean, they died easily, also they weren't prepared for a plan B.
Don't misunderstand, I like your movies, and I know it's hard to make them, but this movie didn't bring the feeling I thought it was going to.
Sorry, but only 3.5 stars.

Kelzad responds:

I wish I could've made the last scene more enjoyable, but I actually worked for 15 hours on that scene. So I rushed as hard as I could, in order to get it done on the 31st.

Job well done, I really enjoyed the whole movie.

-The animation was really nice and smooth, as expected from you.
-Great concept to really tie in the story you have with your other animations