Reviews for "Incident:002A"

0\5 u suk!1!! jk jk
Now back to being serious, interesting idea of two "haunted" agents in search of the subject, but for the end i was expected something more, m8! But basically i get it, deadlines are a pain in the ass, they force you to finish the job in as soon as possible, no matter how much disappointing! The only thing I ask is to improve the action (too slow), and the reaction of the enemies (the agent near the door of the 1┬░room for example "Idk wot de fuk hapen, but dis live-sh0w its Kulo").
Nice job btw

Ahh man...
It was so spoopy. d;

Nice! I Wish, I Can See Yeelon Meating The Auditor.
I wonder, Then What's gonna happend...

Some effects are not pretty than usual (probably because of the deadline), and the final "fight" ended too quickly. Good animation tho. Happy Halloween !

DAMMIT! WAs expecting Yeelon fight scenes! noooo