Reviews for "Incident:002A"

Good animation. I liked the details of the scenario.
The video is great, No have nothing to complain. I just not liked the 1337 agents killing the colleagues.

if have an orthographic error, sorry.

i really enjoyed it :D happy spooopy halloween man

Amazing Work as always , Doh i gotta say the action was a bit slow from time to time , Btw are theses Auditor's Agents ?

good work mate another animation from the creepy face guy i really like that character. i dunno much more to say except this animation or part from the animation kinda remind me from a screeshot that showed krinkels years ago from an animation that aparently he didnt finished, did u get some references from dat?

Good job,but one problem,who are these two haunted agents and from whon?

Kelzad responds:

They're not haunted agents.