Beautiful song, absolutely hilarious and had me laughing out loud the whole time and even singing along to the freaking chorus. Well done. My only complaint was that the chorus was so short, and I didn't have more to sing to.

Graphics/Animations = 4.5/5 (Great art style, and it matched the silliness of the song perfectly!)
Music/Sound = 5/5 (You can tell I just loved every bit of this, not much else to say)
Content/Story = 4.5/5 (Absolutely hilarious lyrics to go with the song)

Thank you for such a great Halloween treat, please do continue sharing more with us!

MarcyVF responds:

Cheers bro! Haaaalloooooweeeeeeeeeeeen! haha, glad it got you :D

not bad and funny

MarcyVF responds:


I thought that this song was lots of fun! It's mostly because of how good the animation is. You really know how to show transitions. Oh, and Happy Halloween! I should have known today would give me cartoons from so many great artists. I've never partaken in egging houses.

I've also never been the victim of an egging either. This could have been a tad longer. I just like how well it flows. I like how unpredictable the song is. I guess this probably is what Halloween is truly about.

How adorable, liked it.